Tiny to Giant: A Quick List of Dog Sizes

Dogs are full of diversity! While it takes time to learn a furry friend’s personality traits, activity level, and intelligence, there’s one characteristic that’s easy to spot: their size. Some dogs weigh hundreds of pounds—yes, Mastiffs can reach 200 pounds—while others are (almost) small enough to fit in your pocket. In fact, a Chihuahua named Pearl was measured at 5 inches in 2020, according to Guiness World Records. That’s roughly the size of a dollar bill!

We’ve organized the wide range of dog sizes into five groups and listed representative breeds from each. Whether you’re thinking about welcoming home a new pup or just want to learn where your dog fits in, this guide will help build your knowledge of dog breeds by size.

Tiny Dog Breeds

pomeranian dog

There are small dogs…and then there are really small dogs! The tiniest dog breeds weigh in at under 10 pounds, making them the ultimate lap-sized companions that stay little for life. Don’t let their stature fool you—many of these mini dogs have BIG personalities!

Small Dog Breeds

french bulldog

They may not be as tiny as Pomeranians and Chihuahuas, but small dog breeds will still leave plenty of room on the couch. These adorable cuddle buddies are among the most lovable pets on the planet, but don’t take our word for it; some of these furry friends cracked the list of the most popular dog breeds in America!


Medium Dog Breeds

cocker spaniel

When looking at dog breeds by size, medium dog breeds are the perfect match for a wide variety of lifestyles. These mid-size furry friends range from laidback to active, quiet to vocal, and super elegant to super intelligent. Although not quite as compact as the earlier breeds on this list, many are still small enough to make great apartment-friendly dogs.

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Large Dog Breeds

labrador retriever

From the protective German Shepherd to the ultra-friendly Golden Retriever, many large dog breeds are admired as tremendous family dogs. Just as these big doggos are loyal to their pet parents, they will need plenty of love and dedication in return; that means more food, more space, and in some cases, more playtime than other pups. Make sure you stock up on dog play toys to keep your best friend stimulated!

Giant Dog Breeds

st bernard

They’re noble, they’re majestic, and they’re full of love. Although giant dog breeds may look intimidating, they’re often among the gentlest pooches you’ll meet. Representing the biggest of the dog sizes, these furry friends are sure to turn heads wherever they go.


One Big Family

Despite the various dog sizes, all kinds of furry friends are affectionate and faithful companions. In fact, they’re all members of the same species: Canis lupus familiaris. That’s what we call a big family!

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