American Eskimo Dog Breed

Country of Origin: United States
Coat: Double coat with long,straight outercoat and dense,thick,short undercoat;ruff at neck
Colors: Pure white,white with biscuit cream|an d cream[UKC]
Other Names: American Deutscher Spitz;American Spitz


Height:12–15 in(30.5–38 cm)/females 11 in(28 cm)up to and including 14 in(35.5 cm)[UKC]

Weight:10–20 lb(4.5–9 kg)[est.]

Registries(With Group):AKC(Non-Sporting);UKC(Northern)


Height:15–19 in(38–48 cm)/females over 14 in(35.5 cm)up to and including 18 in(45.5 cm)[UKC]

Weight:18–35 lb(8–16 kg)[est.]

Registries(With Group):AKC(Non-Sporting);UKC(Northern)


Height:9–12 in(23–3 .5 cm)

Weight:6–10 lb(3–4.5 kg)[est.]

Registries(With Group):AKC(Non-Sporting)

Origin and History

The breed is a close relation of the white Keeshond,white Pomeranian,and white German Spitz.Perhaps because of anti-German sentiment during World War I,the breed's name was changed in 1917 to the American Eskimo Dog."American Eskimo" was also the kennel name of the first breeders to register the breed w ith the United Kennel Club(UKC)in the early 1900s.

The circus first popularized this spunky breed,when the American Eskimo named Stout's Pal Pierre walked on a tightrope in the Ringling Bros.and Barnum&Bailey circus.Today,the American Eskimo's talents are put to use on the competitive stages of dog obedience and agility,and he is a trusted narcotics detection dog and guard dog as well.

Personality Profile

Playful,charming,affectionate,in telligent,willing to please—all are used to describe the American Eskimo Dog.An energetic,spunky breed,he will develop nuisance behaviors that can be difficult to change if he is left alone too long or is not provided with proper guidan ce.American Eskimos are barkers,but this trait has resulted in a big watchdog in a small and loving body.He has a need to be near his owners.

Care Requirements


Regular exercise will help release the Amer ican Eskimo Dog's natural energy and stimulate his ever-present curiosity.


Although the American Eskimo Dog's double coat sheds quite a bit,it stays clean and white with minimal care—regular brushing and an occasio nal going-over with a shedding blade are all that's needed.


The average life span of the American Eskimo Dog is 12 to 17 years.Breed health concerns may include diabetes;epilepsy;hip dysplasia;juvenile cataracts;Legg-Calve-Perthes disease;patellar luxation;and progressive retinal atrophy(PRA).


The American Eskimo Dog enjoys and excels at training,where he is a top contender in the obedience,rally,and agility rings.Hi s show-biz background is evident to all who try teaching him tricks,and he is quick to learn household rules.

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