Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

Country of Origin: Germany 
Height: Males 26–28.5 inches; females 24–27 inches 
Weight: Males 88–99 pounds; females 70.5–77 pounds 
Coat: Smooth, short, hard, thick 
Colors: Black, red, blue, fawn; rust markings 
Other Names: Dobermann 
Registries (With Group): AKC (Working); UKC (Guardian) 


Origin and History 

In the late 1860s, tax collector Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann worked in a dangerous area and needed a tough, smart, and reliable protection dog. He decided to breed his own personal guardian: the Doberman Pinscher.  

Mr. Dobermann looked to the old German Shepherd type for hardiness and intelligence, and the German Pinscher for its quick reaction and terrier spunk. The Weimaraner donated hunting abilities, a fine nose, and a dilute coat color. Combined with the Rottweiler's strength, guarding instinct, and courage, the breed needed the Greyhound for speed and the Manchester Terrier for a short, sleek coat. 

Finally, the Doberman Pinscher exuded a racy, muscular appearance with athleticism and confidence. Over the years, the breed has excelled in all aspects of service, including search and rescue, therapy, police work, guide assistance for the blind, and much more. 

Personality Traits and Care 


Don't be fooled by their tough personas—Dobermans are notably affectionate with people and love to snuggle! They enjoy being in the presence of their families and can be quite protective of loved ones.   

In addition, the responsive and alert Doberman is very eager to please. These highly trainable dogs need a fair leader who will encourage their abilities while setting firm limits.  

Are Dobermans Good with Kids? 

Yes, Dobermans are good with kids! Provided they receive proper training and puppy socialization, this breed is an excellent family dog. They are active and make terrific playmates for children.  

How Much Exercise Do They Need? 

The Doberman needs a good deal of exercise to expend energy and stay in shape. They are as happy getting active during a game of chase as they are when participating in training sessions. A large backyard or park to run around in and play is vital.  

Do Dobermans Shed? 

Despite having short hair, Dobermans do shed frequently. A soft brush or grooming glove are great tools for daily brushing the breed's soft, sleek coat.  

How Long Do Dobermans Live? 

The Doberman Pinscher lives 10 to 12 years on average. 

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