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  • 5 Great Dog Mixes

    People who choose to adopt a mixed-breed dog get the best of all worlds. They have chosen an absolutely unique pet and have opened their heart to a very special friend.

  • 9 Things New Adoptive Dog Parents Should Know

    Adding a new canine companion to your family is extremely exciting. However, your new adopted dog has to adjust to a lot of things. Take these tips!

  • 5 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

    For most folks, the word hypoallergenic, which doesn't mean non-allergenic but merely less allergenic, translates into as little shedding as possible.

  • Adopting a Shelter or Rescue Dog

    If you determine that you have the time, space, and financial resources to accommodate a dog, the time is right to add a furry member to your family.

  • Are You Choosing and Using Treats Correctly?

    Beware the power of the treat! When coupled with a treat, behaviors will likely intensify or become more frequent whether it's intentional or not.

  • 10 Long-Lived Dog Breeds

    The average dog lives to be 8 to 15 years old, but a few thrive well into their late teens.

  • 10 Reasons You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

    Much like fine wine, dogs age well. The bouncing out-of-control puppy, restless adolescent, & highly enthusiastic adult give way to a mellow kind of dignity by age eight.

  • Are You Ready for a Dog?

    Wet puppy kisses, thrilling games of fetch, and adorable Instagram photos: these are the images that come to mind when many people envision adding a dog to their lives.

  • Advanced Dog-Training Tips

    Teaching your pup basic commands when he is young makes advanced training much easier. Many intermediate commands require your dog to perform one or more basic commands

  • 10 Top Trainable Dog Breeds

    What classifies a dog breed as trainable? It all depends on what you want to teach him to do.