10 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments and Condos

Who wouldn't want a furry roommate? Welcoming a dog into your apartment or condo can make your living space feel even cozier and bring a burst of joy into your daily routine. Before you start looking for a new pooch, though, you must consider your building's rules regarding pets; many apartments have specific guidelines concerning dog weight, breed, or temperament restrictions. Even if your apartment is 100 percent dog friendly, there are several main questions you should think about when choosing a new furry friend:

  1. Will they bark frequently and disturb your neighbors?
  2. Can they get enough exercise with no backyard?
  3. Will shedding season be difficult to manage in a small living space?
  4. Are they too large for your home?
  5. Will they be friendly toward other people and pets in your apartment or condo complex?

Your lifestyle may deem some of these considerations more important than others. Whether you prefer an active dog who will be happy to run around the block with you or a lax pup who is always up for TV and cuddles, there are many different activity levels, temperaments, and personalities to think about. Explore the best dog breeds for apartments and learn which kind of furry friend is right for you and your living situation.

#1: Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Maxing out at about 60 pounds, this easygoing lowrider is the perfect family pet! Basset Hounds are great with children because they're good natured and not easily annoyed. They also aren't shy around new people or pets, giving them extra points for adaptability.

Basset Hounds don't have very many flaws, as long as you (and your neighbors) don't mind some barking every now and then. These dogs can be stubborn but are generally quick to learn and eager to please. You can always count on these long-eared, stocky hounds to be calm, cool, and collected.

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#2: Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

This breed is perfect for fairly active apartment dwellers. Loving, devoted, and enthusiastic, your Boston Terrier will enjoy sitting on your lap, snuggling under the covers, and joining your excursions.

While Boston Terriers need a daily walk to subdue their energy, a few trips around the block should suffice. They are ideal apartment pets because of their size and coat; they rarely get larger than 25 pounds, and their short coat is easy to maintain with a simple brushing. Not to mention, they're quick learners and highly trainable dogs.

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#3: Dachshund


Lively, comical, and kind, the Dachshund may be small in size but not in personality—which is what pet parents tend to value most about these charismatic hounds! Dachshunds are loyal companions who want to please, therefore a positive, persistent approach to training will do wonders.

Your Dachshund won't need long periods of exercise; when their daily walk is finished, they'll be ready to nap. If you choose the smooth-coated variety, you won't have to worry much about grooming or shedding. The coats of wire-haired and long-haired varieties need more attention, so keep plenty of dog grooming tools handy for these pups. No matter which color combo or coat your Dachshund has, this little cuddle buddy is guaranteed to bring your living space plenty of positive energy.

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#4: French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The happy-go-lucky French Bulldog is a playful, inquisitive, and affectionate companion. These dogs beam a bright expression that conveys their fun-loving attitude, so you will always have a friend to cheer you up. French Bulldogs ("Frenchies" for short) get along well with everyone, including other dogs. These big-eared buddies love to play and thrive on human contact.

Frenchies have a short, low-maintenance coat that comes in a variety of color combos. You'll need to keep this dog cool; bulldogs are susceptible to overheating because of their short snout, according to PetMD. Frenchies' small stature and low energy make them one of the best dog breeds for apartments.

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#5: Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Danes may not seem fitting for this list, but they're so mellow that their size—100 to 130 pounds—shouldn't discourage you. Their calm, quiet nature and unparalleled trainability make these friendly giants perfect for your apartment (if there are no weight restrictions, of course). In fact, Great Danes are better suited for apartment living than many smaller, more active breeds due to their peaceful temperament.

Even though this giant dog breed sheds, Great Danes have a short coat that is easy to maintain. Keep in mind they will require more food than smaller breeds, and you'll need some extra-large waste bags for pickup duty.

#6: Greyhound


Greyhounds are traditionally known for their speed and slender build, but they make excellent apartment dogs. These gentle souls are affectionate, playful, noble, and elegant.

Although Greyhounds are among the fastest animals in the world, they are somewhat low-energy dogs and will be satisfied with a simple daily walk. They would enjoy an occasional visit to a safely enclosed area where they can indulge in some sprinting. Training a Greyhound can be challenging, but they are instinctively compassionate. The Greyhound's short, smooth coat is also simple to maintain with occasional brushing.

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#7: Mastiff


Calm, dignified, docile, and affectionate, the Mastiff's gentle temperament and low activity level make them another surprisingly remarkable apartment companion. Despite their intimidating appearance, Mastiffs are loyal family pets who are excellent with children. They rarely bark and can adapt easily to a variety of living situations.

Mastiffs get along fairly well with other dogs and pets if properly socialized, and their short, smooth coat only needs occasional brushing. These furry friends are generally easygoing but need a strong, confident leader to guide them.

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#8: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Although most herding breeds are too energetic for apartment living, the short-legged Corgi may be the exception. Corgis are willful, animated dogs with a good sense of humor.

These highly intelligent pups are happiest when they have a job to do but can adapt to any living situation with moderate physical and mental exercise. Easy to train and eager to please, these 25-pounders are great with other people, children, and dogs. Regularly brushing and combing their short, plush coat are all the stout Corgi needs to look their best.

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#9: Poodle


The Poodle is a sprightly, intuitive, good-natured dog who is always in tune with the family. Poodles can be a bit shy around strangers but benefit from proper socialization, which brings out their exuberance and friendliness. Intelligent and kindhearted, these dogs are highly trainable and would make a fit friend for your apartment.

The Toy and Miniature varieties can mostly expend their energy inside an apartment; the Standard variety is often calmer and less energetic, but daily walks are recommended for all sizes. Although the Poodle is a hypoallergenic dog breed that does not shed, their curly, dense coat requires regular brushing and professional grooming every so often.

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#10: Pug


With their laidback attitude, quietness, and size, the Pug earns a spot on our list of the best dog breeds for apartments and condos of all sizes (as long as you can get used to some snoring). These little dogs are even-tempered, affectionate, and jovial companions. They do not bark loudly, so keeping your neighbors happy won't be a problem. Pugs are also quick to befriend people of all ages and get along well with other pets, especially if they're socialized at a young age.

Indoor playtime and short walks will meet your pug's exercise needs—no backyard required! Pugs are intelligent and curious dogs who appreciate direction.

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A Dog for Every Lifestyle

No matter your personality or building's restrictions, one of these best dogs for apartment living is sure to fill your home with fun and charisma. Deciding which factors are most important will help you find the perfect pup for your situation and live a happy, fulfilling life together!

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