10 Tiny Dog Breeds Under 10 Pounds

Searching for a furry friend who stays little for life? Well, the following dog breeds are among the tiniest—even when grown to their full, adult size. Featuring the most popular and less-than-common pups, our list of 10 tiny dog breeds under 10 pounds highlights what you should know about these sweet (and sometimes sassy!) shorties.


#1: Chihuahua


Height: 6–9 inches
Weight: Up to 6 pounds


Little in size but huge in heart, the lively Chihuahua is considered one of the world's smallest breeds. In fact, the Guinness World Record for the shortest dog by height belongs to "Miracle Milly," a Chihuahua from Puerto Rico. Another Chihuahua, "Heaven Sent Brandy" from Florida, holds the world record for the shortest dog by length. For reference, Brandy was about the same size as a dollar bill!


Chihuahuas' coats come in a variety of colors and can be either short- or long-haired. The latter needs special attention—regular brushing, bathing, and trimming—while the short-haired is kept clean with occasional brushing. Because of their tiny size, it's not unusual to see Chihuahuas wearing sweaters to help keep them warm.


The Chihuahua meets most of their exercise needs simply by following their pet parent around the house. With occasional bursts of energy throughout the day, Chihuahuas also need several play sessions.


#2: Pomeranian


Height: 7–12 inches
Weight: 3–7 pounds

The spunky
Pomeranian was named after the German province where the breed hails: Pomerania. The earliest Pom decedents weighed up to 30 pounds and didn't have the signature lion-like coat. However, once they made their way to North America, they eventually boasted their trademark size and fluffy fur.


The Pom shares many characteristics with other spitz breeds, which are a type of dog bred for arctic climates. Accordingly, they possess heavy double coats, along with almond-shaped eyes, pointy ears, and intelligent, active personalities.


That eye-catching thick coat is especially prone to shedding, so brushing several times a week is recommended.


#3: Biewer Terrier

Biewer terrier with bow in hair  

Height: 7–11 inches
Weight: 4–8 pounds


At first glance, you may mistake a Biewer (pronounced "Beaver") Terrier for a Yorkshire Terrier, but this cutie is officially one of AKC's recognized breeds as of 2021. Between its newcomer status and small litter size (which is common among tiny dog breeds), the breed is rare to find in U.S. households.


So, what's the difference between the Biewer Terrier and the Yorkie? Its coat: the Biewer Terrier features three colors whereas the Yorkie has two colors. The Biewer Terrier has more white throughout its fur, plus a full tail that flows over their back versus the Yorkie's sparse tail.


Because their coats can grow to the ground, regular brushing is essential. Although they possess terrier-like qualities—particularly their hunting instincts—the loyal Biewer Terrier can most likely be found in their pet parent's lap!


#4: Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier 

Height: 8.5–11.5 inches
Weight: 4–9 pounds


The Toy Fox Terrier is a class act, and we mean it! These talented dogs historically performed in circus acts thanks to their impressive athleticism and agility. With similar qualities as their larger Fox Terrier ancestors—who assisted hunters in forcing foxes out of their dens—the toy terrier was originally bred to catch rats and other vermin in barnyards.


This smart and playful pup is full of terrier-like energy, but doesn't enjoy rough play; therefore, they may not be best suited for households with small children. They are, however, a dog that gets along well with cats and other canines! 


With a short and fine coat, the Fox Terrier is easy to groom and only needs the occasional bath to look its best!


#5: Papillon


Height: 8–11 inches
Weight: 5–10 pounds


Think this tiny dog breed is the lap dog you always wanted? You may need to reconsider! The playful Papillon would rather a round of fetch than hours of couch-surfing, and they need plenty of mental stimulation to keep them from growing bored. It's no wonder they're repeat winners in various dog sports!


Originating in France, Papillons (also known as "Paps") are one of the oldest toy spaniels and have appeared in portraits dating back to the 16th century. They got their name from their signature butterfly-shaped ears (fun fact: the word "papillon" means "butterfly" in French).

To prevent their long coat from matting and to assist with shed control, Papillons require frequent baths.


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#6: Maltese


Height: 7.5–10 inches
Weight: 6–9 pounds


The Maltese may be short, but their history is long! Commonly found in the Mediterranean for thousands of years, this ancient breed originated on the small island of Malta, which is located off the southern coast of Italy. It's also believed that the Phoenicians—who sailed and traded around the known world—traveled with Maltese dogs to help protect their ships' food rations from rodents.


Known to be gentle, loving, and trusting, the Maltese stays close to their pet parent, often trailing under their feet, sitting in their lap, or lounging in their arms. However, pet parents shouldn't spend too much time carrying around these tiny dogs; they still need to get in their daily walks for exercise!


If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, the Maltese can be a great choice! With no undercoat, the breed's white, silky coat doesn't shed much. However, because their coat is thinner and the skin is more visible, they are more prone to sunburn than other dogs. So, provide them plenty of shade if you're hanging outside for extended periods. Don't forget to use a whitening dog shampoo to keep their coat looking its finest!


#7: Bolognese




Height: 10–12 inches
Weight: 6–10 pounds


Also known as the Bichon Bolognese, this white furball reigns from the Italian city of Bolgna. The ancient breed dates back to the 13th century and has had some rather noble pet parents over the years, from Catherine the Great to Marilyn Monroe!


They're attention-lovers, sensitive, and not very active, making them a great dog for older people. Their alertness and skepticism around strangers mean they're also excellent little watch dogs!


The Bologenese's white fluffy coat doesn't shed, but it can get tangled if you don't tend to it often. A wide-toothed pet comb will certainly come in handy.


#8: Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier 

Height: 6–7 inches
Weight: No more than 7 pounds


Born in 1865 in Yorkshire County, northern England, the very first Yorkshire Terrier was believed to be named Huddersfeld Ben. Ben's rugged hometown area was known for its hardworking coal miners and mill workers, who needed tough, tiny dogs to keep vermin under control in the mines and textile mills.


Although the Chihuahua holds the titles of shortest dog by length and height, there was reportedly a dwarf Yorkie in the 1940s that was "barely bigger than a human fist," according to the Guinness World Records. This would make them the smallest dog ever on record!


If opting to keep their Yorkie's coat long, pet parents should consider daily brushing and maybe even an adorable topknot to keep their dog's eyes hair-free. On the other hand, a short-clipped haircut keeps grooming simple.


#9: Affenpinscher 


Height:  9–12 inches
Weight: 5–10 pounds


One of the less common pedigree breeds, the Affenpinscher's name is derived from the word "affeit," which means "monkey" in German. Although the breed isn't classified as a terrier, they were bred to work like one, tasked with ridding rats from stables in the 1600s.


Only moderately active, these furry friends don't need a ton of activity and are great dogs for apartments and condos. They also tend to be suspicious of new people and surroundings, which comes in handy when you need a watchdog!


While their coat is longer, this tiny dog breed doesn't require much grooming; weekly brushing is sufficient to keep them mat-free.




#10: Miniature Pinscher

Miniature pinscher 

Height: 10–12.5 inches
Weight: 8–10 pounds


Although they may look like a shrunken version of the Doberman Pinscher, the Miniature Pinscher is in fact its own breed—and a long-standing one! Originating in Germany 700 years ago, these little dogs were initially bred as ratters to keep the rodent population at bay. They've since grown in popularity in the U.S., and they are one of the most athletic little dogs you can find!


Often called the "King of Toys" (toy breeds, that is), these dogs are confident and assertive. Don't be offended if the Min Pin isn't the affectionate lap dog you've always wanted; they naturally lean more independent than the other tiny dogs on our list!


Their straight and smooth coat comes in a variety of single or two-tone shades of black, rust, red, and chocolate. Only requiring weekly brushing, these athletic shorties' grooming needs are simple!


Tiny and Totally Loveable!

Even the tiniest dogs can bring immense joy and fun into your home! Prepare to play often, cuddle daily, and create memories to last a lifetime.


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