How to Prevent Excess Energy, Jumping, and Boredom

There are many situations in which dogs benefit from a tasty occupying chew:

While Seeking Your Attention

When your dog is demanding your company, you're not always ready to play with him. But while you were at work, he was home alone, and now that you're back, you don't want to leave him hanging.

At Dinnertime

Whether they're sniffing, begging, or wiggling through your feet, dogs get up close and personal during dinner. When you're taking the roast out of the oven or sitting down for a feast, your dog's going to be there.

When Greeting Guests

When your friends come over, nobody's more excited to see them than your 60-pound Golden Retriever. But when he jumps on them at the door, they may be grabbing for the nearest piece of stable furniture before they can return the greeting. Even smaller dogs can jump up with massive enthusiasm, and the craziness can last for a while before everything calms down.

If Suffering From Phobias

Some dogs are afraid of thunderstorms, meeting strangers, and other common situations. These phobias may provoke anxious behavior, including cowering, barking, and all manner of other unpleasant responses.

When Acting as a Watchdog

Who's that at the door? When your dog doesn't know, he may feel compelled to protect your family with numerous barks, passionately defending your homestead against the friendly deliveryman. Dogs are masters of persistence, and although some may calm down after confirming that everything's okay, others feel that it's better to bark until the coast is clear altogether.

Nylabone Chews Best

Nylabone offers many occupying solutions for day-to-day life with your dog. While nothing replaces your love and companionship, there are many moments where you want to give your dog a short break from the commotion. Nylabone occupying edible chews allow your dog to have a snack while helping prevent undesirable behavior.

When distracting your dog, timing is everything. Giving your dog an edible chew while he's barking, begging, or jumping up may encourage him to repeat these behaviors. However, anticipating problem behaviors and giving your dog a chew before he gets carried away can help him coast through previously challenging situations with ease. Giving your dog occupying edible chews can also help him form positive associations with thunderstorms, strangers, and other common anxiety-inducing situations.


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