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Nubz Big Budz Natural Long Lasting Edible Dog Chews

Treat your dog to tons of tasty fun with Natural Nubz Big Budz Edible Dog Chews! From the makers of Nylabone, each of these farm animal dog treats is crafted into a unique down-on-the-farm shape. Adding even more assortment, our BIG dog treats taste just like they are shaped, offering a delicious flavor variety. These edible natural dog chews do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives—just a highly digestible and natural recipe your best friend will love. Each veterinarian-recommended treat also feature nubs that help clean teeth as your dog chews. Whether you're training or rewarding, these long lasting dog treats will help keep your furry sidekick busy and satisfied. Natural Nubz Big Budz are proudly made in the USA!


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