Power Play Puppy Tug-a-Ball

The transformative Puppy Tug-a-Ball combines multiple play patterns for a thrilling, interactive puppy toy! Use the tough rings to make an engaging dog tug toy or lock them into place to create an exciting ball that rolls and bounces unpredictably. Designed for indoor or outdoor play, this durable puppy toy will jumpstart your pup's play game.


  • These toy rings lock together to form a bouncy ball, giving your puppy 2 exciting ways to play
  • Tug these durable rings or turn them into a high-bouncing, crazy-rolling ball
  • Perfect for solo or team play
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Intended for puppies of all sizes

UPC#: 018214852896

Helps With:

  • Training
  • Boredom