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Power Play Puppy Toy

Power up playtime with Power Play Toys for puppies! Created for your furry all-star, this play toy bundle contains 3 next-level toys designed to jumpstart your pup's play game. First up, the bouncy Puppy Gum-a-Ball is built with irresistibly squishy material and offers a gummy texture that's gentle on puppy teeth. Next, the transformative Puppy Tug-a-Ball combines multiple play patterns for a fun, interactive puppy toy. Use the tough rings to make an engaging tug toy or lock them into place to create an exciting ball that rolls and bounces. Finally, any pup's toy collection isn't complete without a far-soaring flyer! Sized just right for pups, the aerodynamic Puppy Super Flyer Gripz is strategically designed with 360-degree comfort-grip ridges for easy pickup and tossing. Whether your new best friend is playing solo or with you, this bundle will make them an MVP!


  • Includes 3 puppy play toys with easy-grip shapes and enticing textures
  • The Puppy Gum-a-Ball is made from an irresistibly squishy material that bounces and springs back to shape. It even floats!
  • Giving you 2 ways to play, the Puppy Tug-a-Ball transforms from tough tugging rings into a crazy-rolling ball
  • The ultra-aerodynamic Puppy Super Flyer Gripz puppy disc soars in mid-air for exciting rounds of fetch. It also floats!
  • Intended for puppies of all sizes

NON EDIBLE: Dogs should not bite off large pieces. Always supervise

the use of chews and toys. Pet toy not intended for children. This product is a toy not intended for chewing. Inspect, remove & replace if toy is damaged.

UPC#: 018214852896

Helps With:

  • Stress
  • Training
  • Weight
  • Boredom


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