Adorable Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Dog

#1: Dog Pictures With Santa

What could be cuter than a Christmas picture of your pup sitting with Santa Claus? Check with your local mall, pet store, or shelter to see if they're offering pet-friendly Christmas pictures. Then make sure your pup wears his holiday best for the occasion, like a festive collar, reindeer antlers, or some jingle bells. Not only are photos with Santa a classic Christmas tradition—you can use the photos to make cute canine Christmas cards for your friends and family!

#2: Christmas Movie Marathon

Just grab a fuzzy blanket and some popcorn, invite your dog on the couch, and cozy up with your favorite holiday features! Of course, don't forget to include a movie or two that your fur kid will enjoy, like How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This is a great way to take a break from the holiday mayhem and get some R&R with your pup.

#3: Ugly Sweaters for Dogs

Join in on the latest trend and make your own ugly Christmas sweaters for the holidays! Start with matching colored sweaters for you and your pup, and add some fun, dog-safe decorations! It's a fun craft and a nice memento for the holiday season. Wear them to go meet Santa so you're ready to look your best for your picture! Or take it a step further and have an ugly Christmas sweater party with some friends and their fur kids!

#4: Christmas Eve Dog Treats

Forget store-bought cookies—baking dog-friendly treats along with your human holiday cookies will put you in the holiday spirit! The hardest part is making sure you don't eat all of them! And don't forget to leave some treats for Santa's reindeer—tossing some carrots on the lawn is another cute kid-friendly tradition you can start. And if your dog happens to steal a carrot or two, they're totally dog-friendly!

#5: Doggy Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are fun and easy gifts for your dog—plus, they'll keep him entertained Christmas morning when you're trying to unwrap presents of your own! Wrap up a variety of dog toys and treats (use Nylabone's Custom Product Finder to find the perfect toys and treats for your dog). He'll have a blast tearing off the wrapping paper on Christmas morning! Just make sure to monitor him, don't use any bows or ribbons for his gifts, and be prepared for some extra cleanup.

#6: Dog-Friendly Winter Activities

Take advantage of snowy weather by planning a fun snow day with your dog! Toss some snowballs, build a snowman and snowpup, make snow angels, or burry his toys in the snow for a fun treasure hunt. Lots of dogs love romping around in the snow! Afterwards, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, give your dog a holiday chew toy, and warm up.

#7: Volunteering With Your Dog

Spread the holiday spirit by helping someone in need. Contact your local nursing home or hospital to discuss opportunities to bring your dog in to cheer up the residents. If you're ready to care for a new dog, consider opening up your home to a foster dog from your local animal shelter, or simply donate dog supplies. Most shelters and rescues have wish lists of specific items that they need. You can't go wrong giving back during the Christmas season!


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