Rewarding 101: Finding the Best Treats for Puppies

If you have a new little furry friend, you're probably excited to offer them treats. Before you give in to those irresistible puppy eyes, though, it's important to make sure you have the right kinds of treats on hand. From staying mindful of portion control to finding ingredients that benefit pups' development, learn how to select the best treats for puppies. 

Find Age- and Weight-Appropriate Snacks

The age puppies can receive treats depends on the treat type, size, and formula, so check the package to see if there is a recommended age. This is especially important for ensuring the treats will be gentle enough for your puppy's teeth. For instance, while some varieties of puppy treats are recommended for dogs three months and older, others—such as beef hide chews—are usually intended for puppies who have their adult teeth (about six months and older).   As you search for the best treats for puppies, also check the packaging for feeding guidelines based on your pup's weight to ensure they can easily chew and digest the treat. While some treats are specially sized for different weight ranges, others may advise serving sizes based on how many pounds your dog weighs. If you have a Chihuahua puppy, for instance, they probably would require a smaller treat and lesser serving size than a German Shepherd puppy.  

Choose High-Quality and Healthy Rewards 


Along with finding treats that are suitable for your puppy's age and weight, choosing rewards with high-quality ingredients are an excellent option you can give to your furry friend with confidence. To stay gentle on pups' delicate digestive systems, the best dog treats for puppies are preferably made with natural ingredients and free of anything artificial. 

Healthy Edibles® Turkey & Sweet Potato Puppy Chew Treats meet these needs plus include ingredients that offer health benefits. Along with tasty sweet potato flavor that's rich in antioxidants and turkey flavor that provides a great source of protein, these chew treats are also formulated with DHA to support puppies' brain and eye development.  

Use Treats to Reinforce Positive Behavior   


Once you identify the best treats for puppies, understanding how to use treats in the correct manner will help ensure they are advantageous for both you and your dog during training. Because puppies are rapidly developing cognitively, treats can help you teach and reinforce all sorts of behaviors such as teaching your dog to walk on a leash or using a potty pad. 

However, feeding your pup treats at the wrong moments can have negative behavioral effects. For instance, you wouldn't want to feed your pooch a treat if they are jumping or begging while you are enjoying dinner. This may teach them that begging at the table results in treats.  

Different treats have unique purposes and benefits—and how to choose the best dog treat for your furry friend can vary by situation. While a dog biscuit that breaks in half may be great for a training session, a longer-lasting chew treat is ideal for keeping your best friend occupied while you take care of a chore, for example.  

Treat Safely and Moderately 


While your dog likely appears to love treats, remember to feed these snacks as supplemental rewards—not meal replacements. You should also always supervise your dog while they are enjoying a treat. 

It's easy to repeatedly want to please your pup; however, you don't want to overfeed them. Stay mindful of the feeding guidelines to see how many treats are recommended in a day and check the calorie count to find out if the treats fit within your dog's diet. To control portion sizes, opt for treats that can break in half! 

Here's to Happy and Healthy Treating! 

Treats make puppies happy, and it's important to provide them these tasty snacks while also ensuring your growing four-legged friend stays safe and healthy along the way! If you have any questions about the best dog treats for puppies, contact your veterinarian. 

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