Tips for Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your Dog

Aside from feasting on one of the most delightful meals of the year, Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather together and enjoy one another's company—and of course that includes our dogs!


If you are expecting many house guests, you may be tempted to keep your dog in another room. However, dogs are social creatures—and they can become stressed if kept away from the action. From sharing playtime with your dog to treating them to a special holiday-inspired chew toy, follow these Thanksgiving tips for dogs to enjoy the day's festivities!


Family Introductions

Is your dog meeting some of your family members or friends for the first time? Not all people are comfortable interacting with a dog they have never met. Depending on your dog's age and personality, let your guests know the best way to approach your four-legged buddy.


Children can especially act differently around dogs; some may be overly excited, or–at the other extreme–fearful of them. Be prepared to put everyone at ease, including your dog, for a happy and mutually satisfying experience.


Dog-Friendly Activities

There are many ways to include your dog in the day's activities. Are family members gathered around the television watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? This is the perfect opportunity for someone to curl up with your pup, which will give your dog some quiet time on a lucky guest's lap.


Are there any energetic family members throwing a football around in the yard? Keep one of our exciting Power Play toys handy! These next-level play toys include easy-pickup shapes, fun squeakers, durable canvas tassels, and other unique features that will challenge your dog to play harder than ever before. No matter what games you play with your dog, they will help burn off excess energy, and a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.


Delectable Delights

With the nickname "Turkey Day," food obviously plays a major part in the celebration. Ensure you know which Thanksgiving foods are safe for dogs and be sure your guests are also aware. If anyone wants to treat your dog to a snack, put aside a couple dog treats they can give to your fur friend throughout the day.


As the aroma of delicious foods inevitably fill the kitchen, your dog may be tempted to follow the scent. However, safety is a concern—especially if your pup is underfoot while food is taken out of the hot oven or carried to the dining table. This would be a good time for a guest who is not involved in a kitchen duty to bond with your pup. Relaxing in another room or playing outside will keep your dog entertained and out of harm's way!


Welcome Distractions

Of course, your dog may not be able to resist the sights and sounds of food being prepared or served. An occupying chew toy or long-lasting chew treat will ensure your furry friend stays entertained and out of the line of foot traffic during the feast. You can even treat them to Healthy Edibles® Turkey & Apple chew treats so they can enjoy the taste of turkey just like the rest of the family!


After-Dinner Traditions

What is your family's after-dinner tradition? Coffee and conversation? Viewing the big football game on television? Hopefully your pup will be all tuckered out by now and ready for a nap, but if not, heading outside for a walk is a great way to burn off energy and calories. It will also give you quality time with your pup before you go out the next day for Black Friday shopping!


No matter what the day has in store, these Thanksgiving tips for your dog will help you and your furry friend prepare for a fun and safe holiday. Here's to a terrific Turkey Day!


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