Vaccinations Your Dog Needs

A basic (but very important) part of your dog's healthcare is being vaccinated. There is some debate over whether or not vaccinations are necessary for all dogs, and some owners feel that their dog does not have enough contact with the outside world to necessitate a variety of shots.

While this is a question that every owner will have to answer for themselves, the rabies vaccine is required by law, so whether or not your dog is given the rabies shot is not an option. And many dogs spend lots of time outside, playing in the grass and interacting with other dogs and people, so having them vaccinated for a variety of things will only be beneficial for them.

Combination shots are available that include several vaccinations in one. The DHLPP is one combination shot, and it includes protections against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. This type of vaccination will reduce the amount of times your pup will need to endure a shot.

While vaccinations do not protect dogs from all diseases and disorders, if your dog receives initial vaccinations as a puppy, followed up with annual booster shots throughout his lifetime, he stands a good chance of being free of disease and living a long and healthy life.


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