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Moderate Chill & Chew Toy

Enhance your dog's chewing experience with these freezable dog bone toys! Our Chill and Chew Freezer Dog Bone Treat Toys are the perfect interactive toy for dogs looking to satisfy their natural urge to chew. These dog chews come in a cool dog bone shape with treat pockets and wells, which can be filled with spreadable pastes (peanut butter) and soft dog treats. Plus, the wells can also be filled with water, then frozen for an added treat. With delicious chicken flavor throughout, this textured dog chew helps clean teeth and keeps dogs entertained. Fill and freeze these dog treat toys for a cool chewing experience that your best friend is sure to love!



  • Dog chew changes to purple when frozen
  • Fillable dog chews feature flavor pockets for spreadable treats
  • Flavored dog chew toy features delicious bacon flavor throughout
  • Flexible dog chew is perfect for less aggressive chewers
  • Flavored dog chew contains delicious flavor dogs love
  • Small chew toy for dogs up to 25 pounds

UPC#: 018214847564

Helps With:

  • Weight
  • Training
  • Stress
  • Destr_Chewing
  • Dental
  • Boredom