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Strong MAX Braided Dog Ring Chew Toy

The Strong MAX Braided Dog Ring Chew Toy provides a fun chewing experience that will keep your furry friend busy and entertained. Made of the strongest natural rubber, this tough chew toy for dogs satisfies more-determined chewers and encourages healthy, non-destructive chewing habits. The fun ring shape is also perfect for rolling and chasing excitement! The braided textured design will engage dogs while helping clean teeth and freshen breath through chewing action. Keep your best friend's chewing fun "rolling" with this satisfying chew toy!



  • Max-strength rubber chew toy satisfies dogs who love to chew
  • Dog ring chew toy is the perfect shape for roll-and-chase fun
  • Unique textures help reduce plaque and tartar buildup as dogs chew
  • Helps discourage destructive chewing
  • Features BIG beef flavor throughout
  • Wolf chew toy intended for dogs up to 35 pounds

UPC#: 018214851110

Helps With:

  • Weight
  • Training
  • Stress
  • Destr_Chewing
  • Dental
  • Boredom