Creative Play Springa and Tuug Interactive Dog Toys Bundle

Chewing isn't all we do! Nylabone's intriguing collection of Creative Play Toys are designed to tap into your fur kid's creative potential. After all, a dog's mind is like a young child's; you simply need the right toys to unleash that imagination! With an inspiring variety of shapes, textures, and materials, these play toys for dogs will motivate both you AND your dog to discover new ways to play together. Is the Tuug an interactive infinity symbol? Can the Springa be a magical fetch wand? Featuring two types of flexible materials in whimsical shapes—including the squishier Springa—there's no limit to what they can possibly be! Whether you and your pup want to twirl them, pull them, or grip them, these versatile dog toys will spark new ideas again and again.

UPC#: 018214853800

Helps With:

  • Boredom