Our 5 Favorite Halftime Commercials With Dogs

In no particular order, these are our top five favorite football halftime commercials with dogs in them:

#1: This group of dogs devises a master plan to sneak into a grocery store to snag some of their favorite chips. 


#2: This outlandish commercial still has us scratching our heads, but it was a memorable dog commercial nonetheless. 


#3: The Barkley family starred in a series of funny, heartwarming Subaru commercials, but this one just might be the cutest.


#4: No dog commercial gave us the feels quite as much as the Budweiser Clydesdales coming to this puppy’s rescue. 


#5: There’s something about Dachshunds that just makes you want to laugh—these wiener dogs jumping into the arms of their mustard-and-ketchup-clad humans were no exception. 



Which halftime commercials were your favorite this year? Are there any other dog commercials that you love? Tell us about it! 



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