The Difference Between Dog Treats & Bones


Bones are a great way to give your insatiable chewer something to gnaw on—other than the furniture! So what kind of bones are safe for dogs? Many supermarket meat sections sell large soup bones. Dogs love to eat the marrow inside, and chewing on the bone is great for his teeth and gums. Be careful, however, because these bones will eventually splinter, so a bone like this should be thrown away when it begins to get very brittle. A wide variety of artificial bones are available today in most supermarkets and pet stores. They come in tons of different shapes and sizes, and some are even flavored. These "bones" are almost impossible for most dogs to destroy, so they can provide your dog with hours of pleasure without the fear of choking. Find a Nylabone for your dog.


Every dog loves a good treat! While giving your dog a treat may be a more casual event than feeding him his dinner, the consideration you give different brands before choosing which treat to buy should be no less important. Feeding your dog treats that are unhealthy can cancel out any good nutrients he gets in his regular meals. Make sure you read over the list of ingredients and choose the treats that are most nutritional. Treats can be both fun and healthy! Treats come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and flavors. You can find a variety of treats at any supermarket or pet food store, or even at a whole or natural foods store. However, some of the best treats are right in your kitchen. Dogs love treats like apple slices, rice cakes, or peanut butter. Keep in mind that some human foods can make dogs very sick, so check with your veterinarian before feeding these kinds of foods to your dog. Find a Nylabone edible treat for your dog.


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