What If Star Wars Characters Were Dogs?

If you’re a movie buff and also a dog lover, it may have crossed your mind to think of an all-dog cast for some of your favorite films (okay, maybe we’re alone in this). The newest film in the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi, got us thinking about our favorite characters and who their canine counterparts might be. These are the dogs we would cast as Star Wars characters:

Lab Skywalker

Sandy-haired Luke had us instantly thinking of a lovable yellow Lab. This patient, smart, and loyal pup would make the perfect Luke Skywalker. His trainability and aptitude would also make Lab Skywalker a great Jedi.

Corgi Wan Kenobi

The intelligence of the Corgi is well represented in Obi-Wan Kenobi—similar to this herding breed, Corgi Wan guides young Padawans to Jedi-hood and away from the dark side.

Doxie Vader

Although no dog could possibly be as evil as Darth Vader, the Dachshund does have the sheer willpower and determination to become a great Sith Lord. We can certainly picture a Dachshund remaining unafraid of any other dog in the galaxy. Lab Skywalker will flip out when he discovers he’s part wiener!

Pinscher Leia

The fearlessness, intelligence, and steadfast loyalty of the Doberman Pinscher are the perfect fit for the character of Princess Leia, who has never once been tempted by the dark side. Pinscher Leia is a Rebel Alliance general not to be messed with.

Han Shih Tzu

This brave, entertaining, and playful breed has the spunk that makes Han Solo such a favorite among the Star Wars fandom. We’re pretty sure that Han Shih Tzu could charm his way out of any situation just like his human counterpart claims.


Highly intelligent, good-natured, dignified, but wary of strangers, the Poodle is perfect for the role of C3PO. We’re confident that C3-Poodle would know the ins and outs of all the protocol and etiquette of this dexterous droid.


If any character could match the calm, courageous, serious, and steady character of the Rottweiler, it’s R2D2. Rottie-2D2 is reliable and loyal to Lab Skywalker and regularly saves the day in adventures throughout the galaxy without taking any credit for it.


One of the fastest animals in the world, the sleek but strong Greyhound accurately represents Rey’s finesse and athleticism. The grace, loyalty, and bravery of Reyhound would without a doubt make her a great Jedi in the making.

Collie Ren

Although far from evil, the Collie is so intelligent and intuitive that he can read anyone’s mind, just like Kylo Ren does in The Force Awakens. Collie Ren’s intelligence and agility can only be outdone by that of the swift Reyhound.


Like the Chihuahua, Chewbacca is brave, smart, independent, and sometimes sensitive. The Chihuahua can be very vocal, just like the aptly timed groans of this warbling Wookiee. Chew-huahua is a great warrior and sidekick of Han Shih Tzu. Who wouldn’t love that dynamic duo manning the Millennium Falcon?

Can you think of dog versions of any other Star Wars characters?


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