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Power Chew Pretzel Dog Toy

Now that's funny! We dog-ified everyday objects to introduce extra fun and flair to your dog's chew toy collection. A new take on an all-time favorite snack food, this Power Chew Pretzel dog toy features a fun pretzel shape and a delicious flavor combo for a one-of-a-kind chewing experience. It's designed with an easy-hold arch shape, making it comfortable for dogs to pick up and chew. Plus, it features "salt"-like nubs that help clean teeth as your furry friend chews. Made from our most durable material, this cute dog toy promotes healthy, non-destructive chewing habits and will make your dog (and you!) giddy with joy.


  • We dog-ified a pretzel to create an exciting chew toy that will add extra fun & flair to your best friend's chew toy collection!
  • Pretzel dog toy has an arched shape for easy pickup
  • "Salt"-like nubs help clean teeth and freshen breath as dogs chew
  • Dog toy for aggressive chewers made of our most durable material
  • Features delicious bacon & peanut butter flavor throughout
  • Regular chew toy is intended for dogs up to 25 pounds

UPC#: 018214850724

Helps With:

  • Training
  • Weight
  • Dental
  • Stress
  • Boredom
  • Destr_Chewing