10 Ways Awesome Dog Moms Show Their Love

A mother's love for their children is like no other, and that applies to our four-legged kids, too! When you have a fur baby of your own, it's not long before they are a beloved family member.

From keeping them healthy to making their birthdays special, showing love for our dogs comes in many shapes and forms. If you can relate to even one of these 10 qualities, you're an amazing dog mom!

#1: You take countless photos of your dog

You take dog pictures so regularly that you have hundreds—maybe even thousands—on your phone. You have an eye for capturing picture-perfect moments, like your fur baby lying on their back, wearing a new sweater, showing off their little teeth, sleeping in the shape of a doughnut, or just looking great in the natural light.

You post photos of your furry pride and joy on social media daily with hashtags like #TongueOutTuesday, #WoofWoofWednesday, #FurBabies, #Blep, and #Dogstagram to share your pup's cuteness with the world. And of course your dog is in your Facebook profile picture. After all, your pup looks so photogenic with the wind in their fur!


#2: You leave social gatherings early to get home to your dog

Dog moms don't hesitate to leave get-togethers early because their pup has been home alone too long and needs food, water, and play time. If you work long hours or are out for the day, you arrange for a friend to come spend time with your dog and always make sure to leave a variety of chew toys available to keep them entertained!

Making time to cuddle with your fur buddy is always on your to-do list, no matter how busy you may be. Sometimes you reschedule plans and spend the night in with your dog instead. And your ideal Friday night? Relaxing on the couch and binge-watching TV together!

#3: You have multiple nicknames for your dog

While you adore your dog's given name, your pup also answers to other terms of endearment such as "nugget," "baby," "bubbie," "mushy face," or whatever you come up with in the moment. You may even say these names in a high-pitched baby voice and aren't exactly sure why—your dog is just so cute that it comes out naturally!

No matter what adorable nickname you give your dog, they will always respond with tail wags and kisses when you call them.

dog in a scarf


#4: Your dog's grooming is as much of a priority as your own

At first, grooming your dog was all about keeping shedding under control. Now, you're passionate about helping your fur baby look and feel their very best. You've got an assortment of brushes and combs to keep their skin and coat healthy, and you've got a knack for removing mats and tangles.

When it's time for a bath, you create a spa-like experience. You choose the perfect shampoos and conditioners to help your pup shine, and you soothe them with a nice warm washcloth. Your dog always leaves the tub looking like a superstar!

dog getting a bath

#5: You proudly wear dog hair like a fashion accessory

Finding hair around the house is an inevitable aspect of being a dog mom. Instead of working around the clock to remove loose fur from floors and furniture, you embrace it! Dog hair adds character to your outfit, always reminding you of your fur baby and giving you something to smile about.

You know what they say—dog hair, don't care!

woman posing with dog for a photo

#6: Your dog's smile always shines

Brushing your dog's teeth is as routine as brushing your own. Dog toothbrushes, toothpastes, and oral gels line your medicine cabinet, and you've got a stash of dental chew treats in the pantry. With clean teeth and fresh breath, your dog's smile is always at its best!

Preventive dental care makes you feel like an at-home vet. You regularly check your dog's mouth to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy. Thanks to your persistence, plaque and tartar remain under control.

smiling dog

#7: Sometimes it feels like your dog eats better than you do

You are lucky if you rush out of the house with a granola bar some mornings, but your dog always has delicious food in their bowl precisely at 8:15 am. You make sure you're giving your best friend the food that's perfect for their age, lifestyle, and sensitivities. You thoroughly read all dog food nutrition labels, and are mindful of the ingredients in their food and treats.

Amazing dog moms are experts in balancing rewards and yummy treats with a sensible diet that keeps their pups' wellness in mind—it's all about moderation!

brown and white dog

#8: Your car is the "dog-mobile"

Your fur baby's safety is a top priority. That's why your vehicle is equipped with safety items like harnesses, seat barriers, and dog-specific car seats. After you get your pup securely strapped in, you roll the window down just enough so they can enjoy the fresh air. Whether you're heading to the local dog park or traveling cross-country, you want everybody on the road to see your awesome pooch.

Since your dog accompanies you almost everywhere, it's only natural to show off your puppy pride. You might even have a doggy bumper sticker or two to show your love!

dog in car

#9: Holiday traditions aren't complete without your pup

Your dog plays a big role in every holiday celebration. From putting reindeer antlers on their furry head at Christmas to dressing them up in an adorable hot dog costume on Halloween, you get your pup involved in traditions all year long.

Speaking of traditions, your fur baby's birthday is one of the most special days of the year. You don't just know how to throw a dog birthday party—you're a pro at it! You can bake a puppy cake like it's nobody's business and you make some pretty paw-some decorations. Above all, you always find the most adorable hat for your party animal!

dog with a hat on

#10: The dog monitor is your saving grace

You're dedicated to your dog's safety—especially when you're not home. If a friend or family member can't pop in for a visit, you keep a monitor by your fur baby's favorite spot so you can keep an eye on them while you're away.

Thanks to your nifty dog cam, you can check in on your pup multiple times a day and enjoy their cuteness when you need a pick-me-up. If you've caught yourself calling your phone screen a "good dog" on more than one occasion, you're not alone!

girl looking at dog on phone

Being a dog mom means you are part dog lover and part dedicated caretaker. From feeding them the healthiest foods to sharing adorable photos of them on social media, you do it all for your dog. Your fur baby is lucky to have you as their mommy!


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