Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dogs

If your dog had thumbs, they would write down these gifts on their Christmas wish list! From teething puppies and treat-loving dogs to the largest and most powerful chewers, Nylabone has the perfect present for every kind of fur kid. Here are the 10 best dog Christmas gifts to put under the tree this holiday season.


#1: For Dogs Who Deserve It All: The Box

nylabone the box


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Let’s be honest…we love spoiling our furry friends any time of year! That’s why we made The Box: a curated collection of three best-selling Nylabone® chew toys and a tasty Natural Nubz® chew treat. Available in three sizes—puppy, small dog, and large dog—The Box offers a variety of gourmet flavors, satisfying textures, and exciting shapes your dog can enjoy throughout the holidays and beyond. Get ready to unbox a chewing adventure with this special Christmas gift for dogs!


#2: For a Funny & Cute Twist on Chew Time

nylabone funny & cute chew toys


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Nothing will get your furry elf feeling jolly like these joyful Power Chew toys! Adding extra fun and flair to any chew toy collection, we dog-ified everyday objects and turned them into adorable chew toys—from a smiling broccoli stalk to a totally claw-some lobster. Plus, each of these durable chew toys helps clean teeth as dogs chew and features irresistible flavor throughout. 


#3: For Flavor Fanatics: Basted Blast Chew Toys

nylabone basted blast chew toys

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Give your dog two delicious flavors in one durable Basted Blast chew toy! We start with a steak-flavored chew toy and use our exclusive basting technique to add an enticing layer of bacon flavor on top. As your festive furry friend chews through the bacon-flavored layer, the lighter color inside will reveal the delicious steak layer for even more savory satisfaction. Available in a wide range of sizes, our Basted Blast variety is made of long-lasting nylon and stands up to extreme chewers. 


#4: For Chew-and-Treat Fun: Sneaky Snacker

nylabone sneaky snacker chew toy


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Does your dog have toys and treats on their wish list? Grant both their wishes with the Sneaky Snacker™ Chew & Treat Toy! This Strong Chew toy opens up so you can fit all kinds of treats or spreads inside for an even longer-lasting chewing challenge. This Christmas gift for dogs features a flexible center with small openings that allow your pooch to smell the deliciousness you place inside. During chew time, small treat bits slowly release, keeping your dog’s attention as they try to sneak another taste! As a bonus, the Sneaky Snacker includes durable, bacon-flavored chewing ends with a nubby texture that helps clean teeth and freshen breath. 


#5: For Growing Puppies: Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

nylabone puppy starter kit


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Give Santa's little helper the ultimate set of puppy Christmas presents! Our USA-made Puppy Starter Kit guides dogs through the teething process and helps establish healthy chewing habits from the very beginning. This kit includes a softer Puppy Chew toy for teething pups, a durable Power Chew toy for puppies who are powerful chewers or starting to get their permanent teeth, and a scrumptious Healthy Edibles® chew treat with bacon flavor.   


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#6: For Teething Relief: Puppy Chew Freezer Bone

nylabone puppy chew freezer bone


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Nothing says winter like a cool chill! Perfect for teething puppies, the Puppy Chew freezer bone soothes sensitive puppy gums to help relieve teething discomfort. Just soak & freeze the fabric cloth and let your new best friend enjoy the cool texture. You can also fill this chew toy’s wells with spreadable treats for even more chewing fun.


#7: For Savory Satisfaction: Healthy Edibles Meaty Center Chew Treats

nylabone healthy edibles meaty center treats


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Extra-good dogs deserve an extra-special stocking stuffer! Our meatiest creation yet, Healthy Edibles Meaty Center chew treats feature a crave-worthy meaty center packed with irresistible flavor for the ultimate savory indulgence. These long-lasting chew treats aren’t just a tasty snack—they’re also a wholesome, natural reward you’ll be happy to give your pup.


#8: For Cleaner Teeth: Nutri Dent® Limited Ingredients Dental Chew Treats

nylabone nutri dent chew treats


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Help your dog's smile look its best for those holiday photos with our Nutri Dent Limited Ingredients dental chew treats! These delicious, natural treats are made with a limited-ingredient formula that does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Our 360-degree design with scrubbing nubs will help reduce plaque and tartar buildup as your dog chews. The result? Cleaner teeth and fresher breath! Available in filet mignon or fresh breath flavor, these USA-made dental chews are the perfect dog Christmas gifts. 


#9: For Extra-Comfy Chewing: Easy-Hold Chew Toy

nylabone easy hold chew toy


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Specially designed with four paw grips, this gift for dogs allows comfortable chewing from any angle. The Power Chew Easy-Hold chew toy offers multiple dental textures that help clean teeth as your dog chews, and its robust chewing ends stand up to the most extreme chewers. This tasty chew toy also features irresistible bacon flavor throughout to keep your best friend feeling merry! 


#10: For Curious Companions: Creative Play Toys

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While kids are envisioning Santa's workshop and magical reindeer this time of year, there's no telling what your dog could be imagining! The canine mind is like a young child's, and your fur kid just needs the right toys to tap into their creative potential. Our Creative Play Toys are curiosity-sparking creations purposefully designed with versatile materials and fascinating textures to unleash your dog's imagination as soon as they see their new gift. From stretching and wrestling to bouncing and chasing, these Christmas gifts for dogs offer amusingly endless playtime possibilities.



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