Top 10 Dog Christmas Gifts

If your dog had thumbs, they would write down these gifts on their Christmas wish list! From teething puppies and treat-loving dogs to the largest and most powerful chewers, Nylabone has the perfect present for every kind of fur kid. Here are the 10 best dog Christmas gifts to put under the tree this holiday season.

#1: For Fetch Lovers: Power Play Toys


Remember that burst of joy you felt after getting exactly what you wanted for Christmas? Our Power Play Series offers a variety of next-level play toys that will fill your holiday hound with the same excitement! Including the sports-inspired Gripz™ collection and fun Fling & Fetch toys, these play toys feature easy-pickup shapes, enticing squeakers, durable canvas tassels, and more. Plus, each toy is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play and offers its own special features that will challenge your dog to play like never before!

#2: For Dino-mite Chewers: Dental Dinosaur


Built for the most aggressive chewers, these primeval chew toys come in T-Rex, Brontosaurus, and Stegosaurus shapes for extra fun! The Power Chew Dental Dinosaur satisfies your dog's prehistoric urge to chew and has irresistible chicken flavor throughout. Made in the USA, this chew toy features dental nubs that help clean teeth and freshen breath as your dog chews.

#3: For Flavor Fanatics: Beef Jerky Textured Chew Toy


Inspired by one of the most popular, crave-worthy foods, the Power Chew Beef Jerky Textured Chew Toy gives dogs the savory flavor they dream about. Best of all? It is free of calories! Available in multiple sizes to satisfy any power chewer, this durable chew toy is made in the USA from tough nylon. It also features nubs and ridges to promote clean teeth and fresh breath. This long-lasting chew toy will entertain your furry friend throughout the holiday season and beyond!

#4: For dogs with a Wild Side: Wild Alternatives Chew Toy


Whether your dog was born to go walking in a winter wonderland or just loves bold natural flavors, our Wild Alternative chew toys will help your pooch embrace their ancestral roots. This line features nature-inspired chew toys shaped like femur bones, rawhide rings, bully braids, and more unique designs that offer all of the benefits of the real thing but are cleaner and safer—with zero calories. These USA-made chew toys are perfect for keeping your powerful chewer busy and helping prevent stress and destructive chewing during the holiday hubbub.

#5: For Growing Puppies: Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit


Give Santa's little helper the ultimate set of puppy Christmas presents! Our USA-made Puppy Starter Kit guides dogs through the teething process and helps establish healthy chewing habits from the very beginning. This kit includes a softer puppy chew bone for teething pups, a chicken-flavored chew toy for puppies starting to get their permanent teeth, and a scrumptious Healthy Edibles bacon-flavored chew treat for a delicious anytime snack.

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#6: For New Furry Family Members: Puppy Teething Keys


Keep your little elf busy with this cheerful chew toy made just for pups. Our Puppy Teething Keys chew toy is made with gentle, puppy-friendly material to help relieve teething pain and encourage positive chewing habits. Plus, the bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and prevent tartar buildup. It's an entertaining teething toy for puppies who love to chew!

#7: For Chewers Who Love Texture: Natural NUBZ™ Chew Treats


Give your dog a tasty snack to enjoy as you chow down on those yummy Christmas cookies. Made in the USA with limited ingredients, Natural NUBZ edible chew treats come in a variety of fun shapes and irresistible flavors like chicken, bacon, and beef. Plus, they're highly digestible and offer a wholesome reward to let your best friend know they're on the nice list.

#8: For Curious Companions: Creative Play Toys

 nylabone creative play toys

While kids are envisioning Santa's workshop and magical reindeer this time of year, there's no telling what your dog could be imagining! The canine mind is like a young child's, and your fur kid just needs the right toys to tap into their creative potential. Our Creative Play Toys are curiosity-sparking creations purposefully designed with versatile materials and fascinating textures to unleash your dog's imagination as soon as they see their new gift. From stretching and wrestling to bouncing and chasing, the playtime possibilities are amusingly endless.

#9: For Snackers Who Savor: Long-Lasting Healthy Edibles Chew Treats 


Whatever your dog may be in the mood for on Christmas morning, there's a long-lasting Healthy Edibles chew treat to satisfy their craving!

Healthy Edibles Turkey & Apple chew treats are a great dog Christmas gift for pooches who prefer a mix of savory and sweet. Made with natural and highly digestible ingredients, these treats combine two classic holiday flavors into one scrumptious reward.

For dogs who crave big and bold flavors, Healthy Edibles Bully Chews are the way to go. These limited-ingredient, all-natural chew treats are packed with protein and contain real bully stick. We proudly make each of these savory treats in the USA!

Meat-loving furry friends will go nuts for Healthy Edibles Broth Bone chew treats. They feature all-natural ingredients and appetizing ham flavor to take your dog's holiday excitement to the next level. Best of all, they're made with real bone broth that is rich in amino acids to help aid dogs' joints, bones, and immune system health.

#10: For Cleaner Teeth: Nutri Dent® Limited Ingredients Dental Chew Treats


Help your dog's smile look its best for those holiday photos with our Nutri Dent Limited Ingredients dental chew treats! These delicious, natural treats are made with a limited-ingredient formula that does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Our patented 360-degree design with scrubbing nubs will help reduce plaque and tartar buildup as your dog chews. The result? Cleaner teeth and fresher breath! These perfect dog Christmas presents are made in the USA and available in filet mignon or fresh breath flavor.